The Grassroots Trust Limited Board meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month to review grant applications. Completed grant applications must be submitted online on or before the last working day of the month prior to the Board meeting in which the application is to be considered.

Applications submitted or completed after this date will be held for consideration the month following. Please ensure that grant applications are submitted at least TWO MONTHS before the funding is required, otherwise the application may be declined or not meet your funding deadline.

Applications started but not submitted within 20 days will be archived.  You will receive an alert email before this happens.

We encourage organisations to seek funding from a number of sources as there is never any guarantee of funding.

Our Venues

In general, funds will be distributed in the area in which it was generated. This is typically defined by territorial local authority (TLA) boundaries. The Directors may however at their discretion, apply and distribute funds from one TLA to another.

To see if we have a venue near you, please check here.

Acknowledging Grassroots Trust

If your application is successful, you may wish to acknowledge Grassroots Trust’s support.

You can do this by:

  • Mentioning our funding support in your newsletter, on your website or Facebook page.
  • Including the Grassroots Trust website link on your website.
  • Acknowledging us at your AGM, prize giving, sponsorship evenings or official opening/launch.
  • Approaching your local newspapers or radio stations about our support.
  • Including our logo on your playing kit, uniforms or equipment.
  • Naming an event, building, team, competition, piece of equipment or training programme after us.
  • Erecting plaques or signs with our logo around your premises/facilities.
  • Emailing the local council and advising them of what you have been able to achieve as a result of the funding received.
  • Making a short written submission to council when council next reviews its gambling venue policy.  The submission would emphasise the importance of having local gaming machine funding available.

Signage & Brand Guidelines

Grassroots Trust Limited has indoor and outdoor banners available for use.

Please refer to the logo pack below to see what we have available. To book, please contact a member of the Grants Team on 0800 957 960 or

Click here to download the Grassroots Trust logo pack and branding guidelines.

Please ensure you refer to the branding guidelines before using our logo.

Annual Review

Grassroots Trust Limited annually reviews its criteria, methods, systems and consideration of applications for the distribution of net proceeds.  Any updates to the Annual Review will be published via our website.


All complaints received relating to the distribution of funds should be submitted in writing and addressed to the Chairman, PO Box 9019, Hamilton. Complaints about the conduct of Grassroots Trust Limited may be made to the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs at: PO Box 805, Wellington.

Need help?

Call 0800 957 960

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