Grants FAQ's

How do I apply?

Please submit your Grant Application to Grassroots Trust online.  Click here to start your grant application.

Please note that we no longer accept paper applications. Any paper applications received will be returned to the applicant.

Are there conditions attached to grants?

Yes. Please see the last page of the application form for a detailed list of grant conditions.

Can we be reimbursed for expenses?

No. Grants must be approved prior to any purchase/event/trip being undertaken. Retrospective grants will not be considered.

How will the grant be paid?

Payment will be direct credited to the recipient organisation’s bank account. You will need to include a deposit slip with your application.

Will our organisation be audited?

Grassroots Trust Limited grant records will be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). Grassroots is required to render details of all donations to DIA. Any grant application is made with the understanding that if any DIA officer so requests, the applicant organisation shall agree to and participate in any such inspection/audit.

How will I know if our application is successful?

Grassroots Trust Board of Directors meet monthly to review grant applications. All approved and deferred applications will receive notification by email 1-2 business days following the meeting. Declined applications will receive notification by email 1-2 business days following the meeting.  All declined applications and supporting information will be destroyed or returned to the applicant upon request to do so by the applicant.  The results will also be published on the website.

What will we have to do if we are successful?

Grassroots requires an acknowledgement of grant form to be returned to the Trust along with verification of expenditure (receipts etc.). These receipts must be from the same companies as the quotes supplied in the application and must be returned within six months of the grant being made. Failure to comply with the conditions will result in the Trust seeking a full refund of the grant.

Do grants include GST?

Grants are GST exclusive; no grant made by Grassroots has GST content.

I am applying for funding for the salary of staff member; what information do I need to provide?

Grassroots Trust requires the following information to support an application for funding for salaries and/or wages:

  • Copy of the signed contract and job description
  • Timeframe for when you will require the funding i.e. 4 weeks from 3rd March 2014 to 28th March 2014

Do I need to include a copy of full minutes with my application?

Yes, the full minutes of the committee/executive meeting must be included with your application.  The minutes must include:

  • Full names of all committee members
  • A resolution to apply for funding from Grassroots Trust Limited for the purpose and amount for which your organisation is applying for funding
  • Minutes including resolution must be certified as true and correct and signed by  the Secretary/Chairperson or other executive member
  • Minutes should be on the letterhead of the applicant organisation

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Any Charitable Organisations that furthers or improves local and national educational services, furthers or improves local and national amateur sport, promotes the advancement of culture or religion or contributes toward welfare assistance or the relief of poverty.

Can venue operators benefit from a grant?

No, venue operators can‘t make any decisions or recommendations about applications or receive completed application forms.

Sport, not social

Social activities are not recognised as authorised purposes because they give a personal rather than community benefit. For example, a group of friends or acquaintances going on an annual ski trip cannot claim the trip is an authorised purpose just because there is an element of sport in an otherwise social activity. In contrast a genuine ski club that members of the public can join and that offers coaching and development programmes would be more likely to be an authorised purpose.

Amateur, not professional

Professional sport cannot be an authorised purpose because of its commercial character.

A bona fide sporting activity

Sometimes an activity is presented as a sporting activity, but its real nature is entertainment, social, personal gain or commercial.

DIA considers a bona fide sport to be one where the activity, club or organisation;

  • Is affiliated or aligned to a national body
  • Is genuine and real (eg. has standards and rule)
  • Is played regularly as part of significant competition
  • Has a President and Secretary
  • Has regular minuted meetings
  • Audited financial accounts

An incorporated organisation will usually find it easier to meet these criteria than an unincorporated group. Grassroots is not permitted to fund either dress or training uniforms. Playing uniforms are allowable, and they must remain the property of the club.

What will not be considered for funding?

The following are examples of purposes that are deemed unauthorised for grant consideration. This list is not exhaustive but rather is intended as a sample. Feel free to contact a member of the grants team if you have any specific questions.

  1. Anything intended to further the activities of professional sports persons or teams.
  2. Any individual sport person unless the grant is made to and administered by an incorporated sporting body.
  3. Anything related to a hotel social club.
  4. Third party donor organisations (e.g. service clubs).
  5. Food and entertainment.
  6. Dress uniforms.
  7. Funding for fundraising events.
  8. Purchase or subsidy of vehicles intended for purposes associated with social functions.

Applications are deemed retrospective if goods/services have been paid for or the event has taken place before the application has been presented and a decision made by the Grassroots Directors.

How is the application assessed?

The Grassroots Board of Directors meet monthly to consider all funding applications. Decisions are made taking into account the available funds, the merit of the application, the compliance of the application, and the overall community benefit. Applications submitted in any given month will be considered at the Directors meeting of the following month. Incomplete applications will not be considered.