How to Apply for a Grant

Please submit your Grant Application to Grassroots Trust online.  Please click on the ‘Apply Online’ Button above.

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PLEASE NOTE that we no longer accept paper applications. Any paper applications received will be returned to the applicant.

You will need to upload documents to the grants portal as you complete your application; therefore, we suggest that you have these scanned and saved on your computer before you begin.

For more information on how to apply, please download the ‘How to Apply’ guide here.

Before you get started

  • Read through the ‘How to Apply’ guide.
  • Read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Our FAQs include common questions from applicants when completing an application.
  • Make sure you allow enough time to submit your application.  We recommend that grant applications are submitted at least TWO MONTHS before the funding is required, otherwise the application may be declined or not meet your funding deadline.

Important notes

  • All applications must be submitted using the GOOGLE CHROME internet browser. You can download this browser here.
  • If you have already submitted your application please do not email additional information or attachments directly to Grassroots Trust. If information is missing, the Grants Team will ‘re-open’ your application so that you can upload any missing information and ‘re-submit’ it.  Remember that you can ‘save and close’ your application at anytime, and come back to it at a later stage and submit it to the Trust.

Completing your Application

You will need to provide the following information:

1. At least TWO competitive quotes (even if you have a preferred supplier) for all goods and services for which you require funding
Click here to view an example of a quote

2. Funds must be spent within six months
a. Please provide details of the dates of when you intend to spend the funding

3. The minutes of the committee/executive meeting
The minutes of the committee/executive meeting need to include:
a. Full names of committee members.
b. A resolution to apply for funding from Grassroots Trust Limited for the purpose, and the amount for which your organisation is applying for funding.
c. Minutes including resolution must be certified as true and correct, and signed by the Secretary/Chairperson or another executive member.
d. Minutes should be on the letterhead of the applicant organisation.
Click here to view an example of committee minutes including a resolution

4. For amateur sporting groups
a. Proof of current affiliation to a national or regional body
b. Proof/itinerary/flyer and date(s) of event(s) in which funding is sought
c. Names and roles of individuals in the team/organisation if travel funding is being requested
d. Copy of Rules/Code of Conduct or Constitution

5. Charitable trusts must provide
a. Certificate of Incorporation and/or Trust Deed and proof of Not-for-Profit status
b. Charities Registered Number

6. Other organisations must provide
a. Proof of Not-for-Profit status (e.g. IRD tax exemption certificate)
b. In the case of Schools, endorsement from the Principal on School letterhead, decile rating

7. Bank account details for the applicant organisation must be
a. Pre-printed deposit slip, or bank generated account details verified by the bank

8. Financial statements If your organisation does not have Financial Statements, please provide a copy of bank statements for the past 3 months and a profit and loss statement

9. Organisation information

10. Project summary
Click here to view an example of a Project Summary

11. Has the application been authorised by two authorised persons?
Authorised Persons must be members of your Committee or Board. Proof of identity documentation will be required to upload to your application. Acceptable documents include a drivers license or passport.

Is your Application Complete?

Have you read and fully understood the terms and conditions of funding?