Responsible Gambling

Grassroots Trust is committed to complying with the Gambling Act 2003, regulations in relation to Harm Prevention & Minimisation and taking a pro-active approach to ensure gambling is conducted in a responsible, safe and socially acceptable manner.

We are committed to supporting our venues, demonstrating a culture of care for gambling customers.  We support venues to achieve the outcomes of their policy by providing an environment that supports responsible gambling.

Our Harm Prevention & Minimisation Policy details our commitment.

Creating a Culture of Care

Being a responsible host of gaming machines means taking care of your customers.  While many gamblers will be gambling at levels they can afford, approximately one in every three regular gamblers experience harm as a result of gambling.

Grassroots Trust supports the use of Gamble Host Packs in each of its venues, ensuring that venue management and staff are well resourced to assist with their host responsibilities.  Our experienced and dedicated field staff are always available to provide Harm Prevention & Minimisation Training and tips & ideas on promoting a culture of care at a venue.

Gamble Host Pack

Getting Help

Grassroots Trust train venue management and staff to confidently support a gamblers request for further help.  There are a number of free gambling support services throughout New Zealand that gamblers or concerned others can meet with.  There are also a wide range of services that include cultural specific services.  To find out what support services are offered and how to contact them, phone the Gambling Helpline.

Gambling Helpline 0800 654 655

This is a free 24-hour telephone support service.

Or by Text Message on 8006